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The 6th Southeast Asia Conference on Thermoelectrics (SACT6)

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The Best Presentation Award

The Best Oral Presentation: 

AO0026 High Power Factor and Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Sc and Bi Codoped GeTe: Insights into the Hidden Role of Rhombohedral Distortion Degree Dr.Zihang Liu
DO0023 Interband Contribution to Thermoelectric Properties of Al–Cu–Ir Quasicrystalline Approximant Dr.Koichi Kitahara
DO0046 Heating performance of indium tin oxide transparent heating element Dr.Wanichaya Mekprasart
AO0037 Design and performance evaluation of silicide-based thermoelectric modules using heavy element doped-MnSiγ Dr.Naoto Fukatani
CO0050 Surface Temperature Distribution of Aluminum Fins Heated using Thermoelectric Mr.Adin Triqadafi
DO0030 Characteristic of the Ar plasma jet generate by 50 Hz alternative current Mr.Dusit Ngamrungroj
AO0022 Effect of Cu doping on Thermoelectric properties of Al-Si-Ru semiconducting quasicrystalline approximant Mr.Yutaka Iwasaki
AO0013 Thermoelectric properties of CoSb3 skutterudite thick film synthesized by polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) assisted electrodeposition process Ms.Nuur Syahidah Sabran
EO0082 Flexible piezoelectric device for harvesting energy from acoustic wave Mr.Chatchavit Seetawan

The Best Poster Presentation: 

DP0008 The Technical-Economic Efficiency Study of Fixing PV Power Plant in Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University by Using Simulation Software Mr.ARCHSUEK MAMEEKUL
AP0064 Thermoelectric power generation of p-Ca3Co4O9/n-Zn0.98Al0.02O legs Miss.Panida Pilasuta
DP0019 Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitor of Wood charcoal Dr.Pristanuch Masakul
AP0028 Preparation, crystal structure and thermoelectric performance of p-type quaternary half-Heusler Ti(Fe0.5+xNi0.5-x)Sb compounds Mr.Zhichao LIU
DP0056 Controlling the Ge vacancies to achieve high ZT in pristine GeTe without external doping Mr.KRISHNA vankayala

About The Conference

The 5th Asian Conference on Thermoelectrics and the 6th Southeast Asia Conference on Thermoelectrics (ACT&SACT2020) 
December 17, 2020, Thailand (Online conference, 1 Day). Organized by: Thai Thermoelectric Society (TTS) and Asian Association of Thermoelectrics (AAT).  the conference and discussing the Thermoelectric Materials & Modeling, Thermoelectric Characterization and New Phenomena, Thermoelectric Modules and Devices, Thermoelectric Applications: Present and Future, Another Materials and Applications.

Abstract Submission

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